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This Christmas surprise your loved ones with local products

One of the most special times of the year is coming and this 2020, although different, we must live Christmas with the same or more enthusiasm if possible. Despite the global pandemic situation in which we find ourselves, we need to have a moment of celebration and hope. So if you can't meet your loved ones, surprise them with a selection of gourmet products. You can place your order in our online store and we take care of delivering it to your loved ones.

2020 will be marked by the global pandemic generated by the SARS-COV 19 virus that since March has been taking over all areas of our lives. After so many hard months, in which we have changed our habits, our day to day, months in which we lack hugs and contact, one of the most endearing times has arrived. Perhaps the mobility and meeting restrictions do not allow us to meet friends and family who live far away. But, despite the limitations, you can be close to your loved ones. Surprise them with a surprise gift or detail, a gift that arrives at their home and is present this Christmas in their home. From Montegil online store you can make your purchase, you tell us who you want to send it to and we take care of bringing your best wishes in the form of tasty products. You can surprise with an extra virgin olive oil of the Morona variety, a gourmet quality EVOO that you can buy in a special gift box, perfect for this Christmas! In addition, you can include delicious plain queen olives or stuffed with the most exquisite fillings such as cheese, almond, piri-piri or jalapeños. In addition to a gourmet selection of olives, at you can find delicious pickles such as banderillas, onions or capers, perfect for preparing appetizers or delicious Christmas dishes. What if you surprise with our OLIVE MIX? It is a perfect combination of green and black olives, accompanied by pieces of red pepper and aromatic spices. You can create the perfect Montegil pack, with the products and formats that you like the most, combine extra virgin olive oil with stuffed olives and pickles ... this Christmas give the flavor of the earth, the flavor of Montegil

This Christmas we have the perfect gift!

If you are looking for the ideal gift for these holidays, we have the perfect idea for you. It is an elegant gift box containing 2 bottles of a select extra virgin olive oil of the best quality.

If you are looking for an original idea and surprise, Montegil Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an exclusive olive oil from the heart of Andalusia produced with care to preserve all of its qualities.

Montegil Extra Virgin Olive Oil is presented in an exclusive bottle, with an elegant and sober design where the golden tones transmit the quality and excellence of traditionally obtained olive oil.

You would certainly hit if you complete your gift with gourmet products from our online store: queen olives filled with natural products such as almonds, blue cheese or piri-piri .... Simply exquisite and original

Visit our online shop and make your perfect gift this Christmas!

Montegil presents a conquering Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Montegil has produced an extra virgin olive oil unique for its flavour and excellent quality. Our olive oil is a finest olive oil extracted from a variety of olive named morona after the place of origin, Morón de la Frontera, a village in the heart of Andalucía. Delicate but with strong personality, Montegil’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a true pleasure to taste.​

Our olive oil is the outcome of a cared selection of olives and a natural processing. Rich in monounsaturated fat (oleic acid), it is ideal for a healthy and balanced lifestyle and essential in the Mediterranean diet.

Montegil presents its Extra Virgin Olive Oil in an exclusive bottle with a sober and elegant design where the golden tones convey the quality and excellence of an olive oil obtained in a traditional way, respectful with the qualities of the fruit of our land.

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