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Montegil on its way to Fancy Food 2019 in New York

We are preparing everything to attend one of the most important international food fairs, Fancy Food 2019 to be held on June 23, 24 and 25 in New York City.

Fancy Food is not just another food fair, since it is one of the most important events where companies from all over the world come together to present the latest news, the products we will consume in the coming years and the trends of a market that reinvents itself every day.

Visitors can participate in many seminars, tastings and cooking demonstrations, in addition to establishing contacts and business relationships with companies that attend it.

Fancy Food Show is the # 1 food fair in the Americas, with more than 47,000 visitors passing through this food fair in New York: producers, distributors, restaurants, supermarket chains, etc.

Montegil will be present at the fair, once again, as one of the main exporters of table olives from Spain to the USA, where the Mediterranean diet continues to boom year after year. The quality of our table olives and our PET container with aluminum heat seal, make our olives and pickles maintain their natural properties and all the flavor when reaching any part of the world, preserving their optimal state.

5 de junio de 2019 · Published at Shows and events

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