Olive harvesting campaign 2020 in Montegil: great doses of enthusiasm to face great challenges

At Montegil we have started a very different 2020 campaign, facing the challenges that the global Covid-19 pandemic has created.

As every year, in mid-September, the olive harvest begins in the province of Seville. This year we have anticipated since the olive was already at its optimum moment of maturity.

According to the forecast of ASAJA-Seville, it is estimated that this year the harvest of table olives will be around 500,000 tons, of which 80% of the total production is concentrated in the province of Seville. In general, the campaign begins with the collection of the gordal variety, then continues with manzanilla to end the campaign with the hojiblanca variety.

Rain will undoubtedly be one of the determining factors when developing the campaign, since the absence or presence of water affects the final number of production and the quality of the fruit of the olive trees. This year, in addition to looking at the sky, the olive world is also looking at another factor that is marking the development of the campaign, the pandemic generated by the coronavirus. Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, the agricultural sector and food companies have had to face some of the most complicated challenges in our history to produce and market a product with all the sanitary guarantees, while at the same time It protected each and every one of the workers who are part of this chain. We believe that the result has been satisfactory so far and that the sector has successfully managed the difficulties that have arisen.

Therefore, we are facing a particularly difficult campaign, but from Montegil we have not lost a bit of enthusiasm. Our experience, dedication, and knowledge of the sector makes us confident that we will overcome these challenges and that we can continue to offer our customers a product with all the guarantees.

29 de septiembre de 2020 · Published at

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